How do I secure a booking?
Visit our booking page and choose an available date. Once an available date is selected and form filled, you will be directed to a PayPal page where you can pay for your package securely with your credit card. Once the package has been paid for, your booking is confirmed.

Where do we depart from?
We depart from / return to Lisloughrey Pier, Cong, Co. Mayo. For a map of exact location please visit the contact page

What time should we arrive at?
As each guest will have different requirements, we do not schedule set times for departure. Once booked, we will contact you via e-mail and confirm which time our guests wish to depart. Please note that as we may have more than one charter per day, we cannot compensate extra time due to late arrivals.

What should we wear?
Most importantly, flat shoes are a must! We recommend trainers / sneakers. High-heeled / formal shoes are strictly prohibited and we cannot accommodate passengers wearing same. If participating in the nature walk, we recommend hiking boots as the soil on Inchagoill can be quite soft after rain. It is advisable to bring a light rain jacket and some warm clothing. As there can often be strong reflective glare from the water surface it is advisable to bring sunglasses.

Are there any hidden costs?
No! The price you see is the price you pay and includes the following:

  • Fuel
  • Insurance
  • Skipper & crew
  • Prosecco reception (subject to fair use policy for safety reasons)
  • Bottled water
  • Pint and toasted sandwich at Keane’s of Maam (Full-day trip)

How many people can participate?
The boat has a maximum capacity of 8 guests. In rare circumstances, we can accommodate larger groups, but this must be agreed to before booking.

Is there a WC on-board?

Are there any age restrictions?
Our charter services are available to guests of 14 years of age and over. There is no upper age limit, however it is assumed that all guests are of a fit and able state to participate, board & depart the vessel.

Where exactly do we go?
This depends on which package you choose. Click on the link for full information.

Can we bring a picnic?
Yes. If you decide to bring a picnic we will supply you with plates, knives, forks and glasses. Inchagoill island (one of our destinations) has picnic benches where you can enjoy your picnic. You can also enjoy your picnic in the rear cockpit of the boat.

Can we go fishing?
Due to the design of the boat, fishing is not permitted.

Can we bring our pet?
Due to Health & Safety restrictions, animals / pets of any kind are not permitted.

What if the weather gets bad?
‘Cranki’ has a fully collapsible canopy. If you get cold or it starts to rain, you will not get wet! You will be fully covered while still being able to enjoy the motor yacht and surrounding scenery. ‘Cranki’ has heating throughout if required.
Bad weather should not interfere with the motor yachts ability to travel. In extreme conditions of poor visibility or bad weather, we may need to delay the trip but this is rare. In the event of your trip being cancelled due to severe weather conditions, a full refund will be issued.

Can we stay over-night?
Due to insurance restrictions, over-night trips on-board the boat are not possible. However, we will happily bring guests to a destination where they can stay in accommodation for the night and make a return journey the following day.

Do we need to be able to swim?
No! While on-board you will be wearing a fully approved life-jacket and will be protected by the boat’s cockpit area. Guests are allowed to go swimming if they so wish, at their own risk (See Terms & Conditions)

We would like to do something different / have a special evening, can you accommodate us?
Yes! The packages available are only set examples of what we offer. If you have a specific requirement (perhaps you would like to ask your significant other a special question at sun-set?!) then please contact us and we will arrange the rest.

Can we take a trip without a skipper?
No. For insurance reasons a qualified skipper must be on-board and in control of the vessel while guests are on-board.

We want to charter the boat outside of your operating dates
Normally, we operate from April – September. However, if you would like to charter the boat on a date outside of this period, please contact us as we may be able to facilitate your group.

Is CorribCharter suitable for Stag / Hen parties?
CorribCharter is NOT suitable for Stag / Hen parties and we cannot facilitate same. Please be advised that if you book a Stag / Hen party, we will not be able to facilitate you and no refund shall be issued.

We look forward to welcoming you on-board in 2024!